The Ideal Dubai Desert Safari Timings

The Ideal Dubai Desert Safari Timings

When you plan to take a trip to Dubai, one of the most exciting tours to experience is a desert safari. If traveling on a tight schedule, you might worry about the desert safari Dubai timings and activities. There are many activities suited for any time of the day.

Dubai Desert Safari Activities

You will get to experience the following Dubai Desert Safari activities during your trip to Dubai;

Dune Bashing

A dune bashing drive takes you on a thrilling tour of the Dubai desert landscape. You will ride a 4-wheel drive vehicle and try to catch the rising dunes of the desert. The timing for this Dubai desert safari activity is mostly set during the day.

Wildlife Drive

Visit the Dubai desert conservation reserve and go on a discovery tour of Dubai’s exotic ecosystem. During the drive, get to see animals such as gazelles, desert foxes, sand cats and the Arabian Oryx.

Camel Riding

Wander around the Dubai desert like the nomadic Bedouins and explore the landscape. A camel ride will give you a nostalgic but wholesome experience as you ride the famed ship of the desert. Enjoy the desert views and learn more about the interesting desert creature.

Quad Biking

This off road tour is a thrilling way to explore the Dubai desert landscape. After a short briefing on driving rules, put on your safety gear and take off on your own automatic quad bike. Traverse the desert terrain and take beautiful photos during stops.

Hot Air Balloon

The desert safari Dubai timing for this tour is set in the early morning. Start early at 4:00 am and head over to the desert to board the hot air balloon. At 4000 feet in the air, you will enjoy the magic of the peaceful morning and watch the sunrise beyond the golden dunes.

Dubai desert safari packages

Arabia horizons offers these tours according to Desert safari Dubai timings;

Sunrise Desert Safari

Start your day at dawn with this desert safari. After pick-up from the hotel, drive into the desert to see the rare and magnificent sight of the sun rising above the dunes. This is the perfect opportunity to capture beautiful photos of the horizon. Other activities you can enjoy include camel rides and sand boarding.

Morning Desert Safari

The desert safari Dubai timing is 8:00 am. After pick up from the hotel, go for a morning dune drive in a 4-wheel drive vehicle and enjoy trailing Dubai’s sandy dunes. Stop for a brief photo session before heading over to the camp for more activities such as camel riding. You will have a heartful breakfast before heading back to the hotel.

Evening Desert Safari

The Evening Desert Safari timing is 3:00 pm. After picking up from the hotel, embark on a 30-minute session of dune bashing. Enjoy other activities such as quad biking, camel rides, and sand boarding. Immerse yourself in a cultural experience by trying out Arabic costumes or getting henna tattoos. After watching the desert sunset, enjoy a barbeque dinner and get a taste of Arabic cuisine. The night comes alive with entertaining performances such as belly dancing and tanoura live shows. The tour ends with drop-off back to your hotel in Dubai.

How to plan your Dubai Desert Safari

When planning your desert safari to Dubai, consider the following factors;

Timing of the tour

The Desert Safari Dubai timing affects your entire tour experience. If you wish to capture the magnificent sunrise over the sand dunes or go on a hot air balloon tour, a morning safari is a great option. The evening offers a lovely view of the desert sunset and a starry night experience where you can enjoy good food and entertainment.

The Desert Camp

There are various types of camps depending on the location and activities you want to partake. You can opt for a Bedouin style camp for a comprehensive Arabic cultural experience. To experience Dubai’s nature and wildlife, you can opt to visit a conservation reserve camp. Other camps offer activities such as horse riding, quad biking and buggy rides.

The Dubai desert safari timings will influence your choice of tour. Regardless, you will have an exceptional and memorable stay in Dubai.