Ninja Weapons – Dive Deep Into the World of Ninjas

Ninja Weapons – Dive Deep Into the World of Ninjas

Ninja weapons are weapons that were used by ninjas. Ninjas were warriors that belonged to a mountainous village where China exists today. The warriors acquired special skills that got them the title of ninja.

Turning into a ninja warrior was a hard thing. Not everyone could turn into one due to the hard work and dedication required. The warriors practiced fighting and defense without weapons. Which are widely known as martial arts, and they practiced with real ninja tools as well, about which we will be talking in detail.

The purpose of acquiring special skills was to prevent their homeland, belongings, and loved ones. The look of the weapons is enough to give anyone the feel of what life was back then. Today, the weapon’s replicas can be found, and you even get to use them in many fun ways. 

Ninja Weapons for Sale – Multiple Types Available

Looking for Ninja Weapons for sale can be challenging due to the variations available out there; however, you are a dedicated weapon collector. You will have the best Japanese ninja weapons in hand. Check out the ninja weapons list below and decide which one to buy.

  • Nunchaku

The nunchaku or the nunchucks are one amazing type of ninja tools. They include two sticks that are either made up of wood or metal and are connected with a thick chain. The weapon was used by throwing it at enemies, blocking their attacks, hitting one end of it, and choking the opponent by the chain the chucks had. Today, you get to buy the weapon in many variations, such as wood, metal, and even foam. 

  • Ninja Stars

From the collection of ninja equipment, the next type of weapon we present to you is the ninja stars. The weapon is given the shape of a star and has four and, in some cases, five-pointed edges. The weapon was a long-distance weapon as the ninjas used it to take down their target by throwing the stars at them, which would result in ripping their flesh. The weapon was extremely portable, and the warriors carried multiple at a time. Along with being portable, the weapon also proved to be quite useful. 

  • Bo Staff

The next weapon that we have on the list is the bo staff. The staff was a wooden made stick which the ninjas used in many ways. They used it to block multiple opponents, just like the police baton is used today; they also used it to hit the opponent. They could hit one at a time with the end of it or multiple at a time by flipping it. Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist, has depicted the use of the weapon is an excellent way in multiple movies. 

  • Ninja Knives

The top 10 ninja weapons list can go on and on, as the next weapon we present to you is the ninja knife. The knife the ninjas used was short in size and could be used in close combat and could be used by throwing it like the stars. Ninjas usually carried the knives as a secondary tool, and the combo of them gave them the upper hand in their battles. You can carry them with ease while outdoors, and you can even keep them home for your safety. 

  • Ninja Swords

Swords are the only weapon from the entire ninja weaponry that you may know of. Swords are well-known weapons because they have been part of different cultures in the world. They existed in the crusades, medieval periods, and so on. One thing that will leave you surprised is the appearance of the ninja sword. Unlike ordinary swords, the ninja one had a curved blade and a cut from the tip. Moreover, the sword was shorter in size, and the warriors carried two at a time. The weapon they used is also known as the katana sword. 

  • Sai Weapon

The last of all ninja weapons that we have on the list for you is the ninja sai weapon. Again, this weapon, along with many others, is shaped uniquely. It is shaped like a trident and has three pointed blades; however, it has a small handle that can only be held by one hand. The weapon was quite effective in blocking attacks from big weapons, and the second thing it was good at was stabbing enemies. 

  • Accessories

Whenever you buy historical weapons, it is important to buy accessories along. You can buy a uniform for ninjas and martial arts and can give yourself the look of a warrior. You can display your historical weapons by buying display stands, and similarly, you can purchase other cool items that can add a wow factor to your weapons. 

Uses of the Ninja Weapon 

The different types of weapons mentioned above are good for different types of defense and fighting needs. However, in today’s era, the use of the ninja weapon has changed quite a bit. Today you get to use it for your safety just like the ninjas did in the past; however, you can only use them at home due to the legal complications involved in using them outdoors. 

You should also not initiate the attack as you can only use the weapons for your self-defense. The next use of the weapons is that of collection. Being historical, the weapons give an attractive and appealing look hen in your display. You can even upload pictures of them on your social media pages and build a huge following around them. 

The good thing you can do with the ninja turtle weapons is to use them as props for your movies and co-play events. Bruce Lee movies and teenage mutant ninja turtles are great examples of the use of the weapon. You can benefit by doing the same thing with the ninja’s arms on board and can leave people shocked. You can even go on to show your skills with the ninja equipment. You can record yourself while practicing and can have followers rolling in on your social media. 

Buy Real Ninja Weapons Right Now

Everyone desires to have historical weapons because they are special, but the thing that holds people back from buying the weapons is that they may be priced at a high. The good news that we are about to give you is that anyone and everyone can purchase them today because they are available for low prices in knifeimport

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You can even search for the weapons online and can have them at your place. Check out the stores offering the weapons and buy your ninja weapons straight away.