List of plants to grow in your garden in the season of monsoon

List of plants to grow in your garden in the season of monsoon

As the season of monsoon arrives, it brings in positivity in our life and definitely some relief from the harsh summers. Well, the arrival of monsoon season is responsible for many great things like the amazing weather to go for walks, dancing around in the rain, cheerful faces that were often seen frowning due to the overhead sun and ample of beautiful colorful flowers. We all love the sight of a garden that is filled with healthy blooms, right? Well, for that, one needs to know which flowers will work best in which season. Monsoon is a happy time for flowers as well, so when you are about to order bamboo plants online for this season, consider buying the following ones.

Cape jasmine

The white, waxy blossoms of cape jasmine can be single or twofold, relying on the variety. The matte white shade blossom that bit by bit gets yellow makes an incredible appearance differently in relation to emerald green leaves. Together the combination is worth a glance and definitely a good addition to the garden. This is one species of the ordinary jasmine.

It has a main blossom from mid-spring to summer. However, a few cultivars keep blooming till monsoon seasons also maybe because they flourish well and also look beautiful against the dark sky.

Monsoon Cassia

This is one of the most widely recognized and one of the prettiest trees to plant during the rainy season. These yellow blossoms are set against the leaves in packs giving a brilliant look during dark cloudy weather. These plants can likewise cover any additional patches in your garden. Other than adding magnificence to your nursery, the leaves of this tree can be utilized as a vegetable and the seeds as a rich wellspring of protein for the body. All Monsoon Cassia needs to thrive appropriately, insufficient daylight and air.


Gulmohar is one of the loveliest looking plants in the world. Delonix Regia is the scientific name of this giant beguiling tree. It is otherwise called a fire tree or the peacock blossom tree as it has red or orange blossoms that become thick in the tree and covers the whole tree. Along these lines, light up your garden with this enchanting tree that yields beautiful flowers. You will be mesmerized by the satisfying perspective of the brilliant, beautiful blossoms. It has numerous therapeutic uses like for the treatment of constipation, inflammation, and joint problems. You can buy plants online and make your garden monsoon ready. You can even send this plant to your relatives so they can also enjoy its shade the next season.


Marigold is a complaint-free yearly bloom that brings the shade of daylight and draws in honey bees, butterflies, and other important bugs. The marigold seeds sprout rapidly and blossom in around two months. They are accessible in shades of orange and yellow with features of red, copper, gold, or metal. There are plants of marigold accessible from 6 creeps to 4 feet tall and 6 crawls to 2 feet wide. Grow them in the season of summer as well as monsoon to add a pop of color to the garden and balcony.


Jasmine is the famous monsoon blossom that is promptly accessible and has a remarkable aroma. These blossoms are typically offered to god during prayers in India as it indicates otherworldliness, virtue, and magnificence. you will mostly find this plant commonly in Indian houses. Jasmine blossoms with their enrapturing scents can make your day, recuperate your messed up heart, and furthermore express your genuine love and emotions towards your loved ones. When a single plant serves you so many purposes, it definitely needs a place in your garden. Jasmine is an easy plant to take care of and will add white shade to your garden with its cute little blossoms. These delights improve the sight of your home garden and make the air upbeat off copies with the fragrance and draw in appreciation by the individuals who see it. On top of it, it thrives really well in the monsoon season.

These flowering plants will best suit the monsoon season, and you will see your garden greener than before.