What are the Complications after Brain Tumor Surgery?

What are the Complications after Brain Tumor Surgery?

Know Brain Tumor Causes

A brain tumour is an abnormal growth of cells inside the brain or the skull vault. Brain tumours are created due to unusual or uncontrolled cell division mostly in the brain itself and sometimes in lymphatic tissue, in the blood vessels, in the cranial nerves, skull, in the brain envelopes, pituitary gland and even from congenital vest cells. Depending on the location, type of tissue, cancerous or non-cancerous and other factors, brain tumours are classified into different types.

If you are detected with a brain tumour which requires surgery, there are a few things you should know before proceeding with the treatments. Brain tumour surgeries involve certain risk factors, and the aftermath of the surgery might create a few complications. In this article, we have compiled a thorough discussion of the complications after the surgery.  So, make sure to stick to the article until the end.

After Brain Tumour surgeries

Although some of the complications are temporary, yet it might make you feel worse even after the tumour is removed. You might see a swelling in the brain after the surgery as the body takes time to adjust to the surgical changes. You may feel dizzy and can get confused about your surroundings and happenings. These things may occur with intervals and are part of the recovery period.

Other than that, there are other difficulties and problems that people face depending on the severity of the tumour. These problems include- difficulty in speaking, stiffness and problems with movement. These complications are periodic; therefore, one should not get depressed or anxious after the surgery.

Brain Tumour  Effect  Behavioural changes

Behavioural changes are another after-effect of brain tumour surgery. You may notice unusual behaviour and the patient’s ability to think has undergone a change. Patients may experience difficulties in communication, problems in terms of memory and other personality changes. The patient might also get migraine attacks, may face hearing loss, infertility and a new tumour may develop at different places.

Sometimes non-cancerous treatments can grow back even after surgery, so a regular visit to the doctor is quite necessary even after the treatment is over. Some patients may face persistent seizures, and the medicines are to be continued for several months.

There are restrictions on driving and travelling. Patients won’t be allowed to drive for a while following the surgery; the restriction period differs depending on the type of surgery. Also, due to the seizures, swelling, disruptions in memory etc. it is safe for the patient not to travel for a considerable period.

Complications after a brain tumour surgery

These are a few complications a patient undergoes after a brain tumour surgery. Proper medication, nutrition, and proper care will help in a speedy recovery. But it is advisable not to feel distressed, demotivated with the changes as it might harm the patient’s mental health.

We hope that this article helped in giving you ample information regarding the aftermath of the surgery. A personal study on the complications will help the patient in coping up with the recovery period well.