Unboxing Guide to Custom Eyelash Boxes

Unboxing Guide to Custom Eyelash Boxes

Though the views may vary based on the niche or what is being unpacked, one cannot deny that unboxing videos attract higher engagement and following from audiences. Today, even young YouTube stars have gained massive followers who frequently tune into their channels and watch the unboxing of different products. 

All this buzz around unboxing videos have lured brands in huge numbers as they realized that it’s an excellent medium to create awareness and improve sales. How? A promotional video highlighting your product’s features can encourage customers to buy from you. According to the research, unboxing videos have a higher conversion rate than other forms of marketing activities.  

But how can this benefit a small business owner or brand? Businesses that ship out custom eyelash boxes could witness a significant jump in sales when their product features in unboxing videos. But this requires you to have an excellent packaging solution for your eyelashes. Else, you won’t be able to deliver the ultimate unboxing experience. 

Why You Need Exquisite Eyelash Boxes? 

Your eyelash box is your brand’s first impression because it’s the first and foremost thing your audience gets to interact with. For this reason, it’s critical to ensure that the packaging should represent your brand in the best light. You have to create each eyelash box as if all your customers are going to record their unboxing experience. While it is virtually impossible that all your customers will film their experience, the whole point of the exercise is to make it unique and well-crafted for each buyer. In brief, it’s an effort to ensure that your custom eyelash boxes will improve your brand perception and charge higher for your products.  

That said, many business owners don’t realize how many potential customers see their eyelash boxes before it gets to the customer. But if your packaging simply blends in with other packaging boxes in the retail store, you won’t be able to attain a distinction for your brand. Your brand deserves to stick out in a saturated market, and bespoke packaging is how you can make that happen. 

How Can You Create A Stellar Unboxing Experience?

To create an outstanding unboxing experience, you need to travel back in time to your seventh birthday when you were unboxing your birthday presents. Can you recall that level of excitement? How you felt unpacking those big boxes and reaching out for the gifts? If yes, then you need to create the same experience for your customers if you want your audience to remember your brand and product for a very long time. The Uk Time

Now tell me, would your dreary brown box can gain customers’ attention or millions of views on YouTube? 

Well, certainly not. 

To create an unforgettable experience, make sure your custom eyelash boxes are stuffed to perfection and are far from dreary. Below are a few other tricks to elevate the unboxing experience.  

Custom Tissue Paper

The idea of using custom tissue paper isn’t new, but if done tastefully, your audience will be delighted. But make sure your tissue paper brags your brand colors because consistency matters. You can also think about using branded tissue papers to wrap your eyelashes in custom packaging.  

Box Fillers

Mind you, bubble wrap isn’t the best option when it comes to elevating the visual appeal of your product and brand. You’ll be astonished to know that people feel instantly gratified when they see a fresh roll of bubble wrap pop up. If you too want your packaging to stir the same feelings, considering using colored crinkle-cut paper that is frequently used in Easter baskets. Not only will it give you custom eyelash boxes a color, but also add a level of excitement.