Top 5 types of sports product packaging boxes that gain more sales

Top 5 types of sports product packaging boxes that gain more sales

If you run a shop related to sports items, then you must have seen the passion and hard work in the sport’s lover and the clients. You must have noticed that the customer does not only focus on the product quality, but they also consider the packaging boxes.

When the packaging case cannot lure the customers into purchasing the item, then the sales might drop. That’s why retailers and wholesalers focus on branding. And also on the designing of the packaging label before introducing their products to the public.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 types of sports product packaging that gain more sales than common packaging cases. And we will talk about the boxes for sale.

Showcase them in proper display cases:

Many people get unclear about the different types of display packaging. But don’t worry. Here are different types of display cases that can get used to showcase the sports items.

Countertop Display Cases:

Countertop Display packaging cases get placed on the counter and are used to display newly arrived items. The first thing customers notice when they enter the shop is the counter shelf, so counters are the best place to showcase your products. These display cases are useful for small items.

Floor Displays Boxes:

Floor display cases are massive and are used to hold large merchandise that cannot get placed on the shelf. You can display football, basketball, or baseball using the floor display. These display cases get placed on the floor, and the items with variety get showcases in these cases. These displays are freestanding, meaning they don’t need any support.

Power wings Display cases:

Use power wings to display your goods appealingly. They are also known as sidekicks. They are named sidekicks because they are mostly attached to counters or shelves. You can place your order for boxes on this case to showcase them appealingly. If customers cannot see the product, then the loss of sales will occur.

Transparent Display Cases:

Transparent display cases are very handy and convenient for customers. They can increase the value of your product. The quality of these transparent cases depends upon the shop owner’s budget. You should get using eco-friendly material so it would build a positive image in your customer’s eyes. Customers can look through the display cases without any effort because of its see-through nature.

Use eco-friendly material:

You can use biodegradable plastic or high-quality cardboard cases for the packaging of your sports items. But the common plastic takes hundreds and thousands of years to break down. Mostly plastic takes 500 to 1000 years to disintegrate, and it is safe to say that the decomposition depends on the nature of plastic.

Cardboard boxes are 80% eco-friendly. But the remaining 20% can affect the climate quite massively. So, try to use climate-friendly packaging that is 100% recyclable and also biodegradable.

Most people have preferred to use eco-friendly Sports boxes wholesale so that they can be getting used again or another idea.

Give a sneak peek at your items using sports boxes:

By using the window packaging cases, you can allow the customers to look at the item placed inside the packaging cases.

Customize them with suitable printing techniques:

Many companies are offering printing services to their customers for their customized product packaging. Mostly for printing, customers provide their ideas, strategies, and models to customize their product packaging.

If you are not so sure about which printing service to get for your cosmetic cases, then don’t worry, we got you. Here are some publishing techniques that you can use for the branding of your packaging.

Digital printing:

Digital printing is an effortless type of printing technique. Digital printing is more convenient than conventional methods. For digital printing, You should have an electronic file. You don’t need time to design your work by hand.  

Screen Printing:

Screen printing is the type of printing technique you can use for the customization of packaging cases. Screen printing gives your packaging boxes a smooth touch and charming appearance. You can also use plastisol or water-based ink for the customization of packages using screen printing. These kinds of inks are durable as they are most absorbable. In this method, a mesh gets used to transfer ink among the customizable area.


Engraving needs a lot of time, and it is also one of the most valuable printing techniques for the customization of blank sports boxes. It is a carving technique in which a deflated area gets coated with foils or pigments.


Embossing helps make a 3-dimensional look for your custom sports boxes. You can enhance the merit of your goods by using this technique, and it is also not so costly. The inflated area can be either filled with colors or with material like gold or silver.

Use the logo and inspirational phrases:

The logo tells us about the authenticity of the brand. The trademark on the box makes the customer at ease because they do not have to worry about the quality of goods.

At the sports shop, you can get to see the player that is a pro and the beginners too. That’s why you need to print an encouraging quote for the athletes to reassure them.

You can also print the company’s slogan if it proves to be suitable and supportive for both the product and the client. You can get help from several publishing companies to get a professional appearance of the packaging of the sport. You can also get cheap sport boxes online and get a discount.