Sharing Merriment of Christmas with Family after Lockdown

Sharing Merriment of Christmas with Family after Lockdown

Family is the ultimate need of a person’s life. If a child is born in the family, wherein all seniors and juniors live together and share food, clothes, toys, and many other basic and beautiful things to sustain love and happiness in the home, he is absolutely a blessed child.

When he grows up and decides to live alone, separate in different state or country for education or a business tour, ask him how desperately he is missing his family. Of course, all stages of life do not allow us to enjoy every moment with family.

In my opinion, this is the reason why there is an absolute craze for Christmas in the European world. Christmas falls when dry, wintry air blooms all over the European region. We see foggy milieu in all-around with natural snowman like creatures snowy caps covering the houses.

It will be a fantastic plan if you organise a family get together to alleviate the sadness brought by a pandemic that did not only take many lives but also smiles from the faces. Getting together with family is something that we should look for.

Through this blog, we shall see how one can organise a party to assemble all family members in the Christmas party and the role of finance in attempting this if you are with less money to spend.

What are the arrangements you can make at home to celebrate Christmas?

When days approaching Christmas festive, the air swells up with its magic and fill the heart of the people with hopes to recognise the blessings of God. The aftermath of the pandemic outbreak, everyone is still in shock, and several have lost their jobs.

Therefore in this phase, Christmas celebration is a must in minimum expense and with extra gaiety.

Events that can be organised to entertain small family gatherings-

  • Attending a special ceremony with family- taking part in special ceremonies such as religious or cultural performance, events that support the family and meaning of this celebration for your community. These events may be a concert or children’s pageant.
  • Lottery box- put slips mentioning the names of the members in a box. Having drawn the slip, ask the wish or ideas of items he/she might like.
  • Charity list- ask members of what articles of their, want to gift as a donation to the charity.

Encourage the kids of the family to endeavour in this run. The value of giving and sharing endorse their personalities.

  • Collocating game section- during Christmas time when almost everyone enjoys holidays, they all are welcomed to suggest or bring a game to play. Dominos, Scrabble, Yatzhee and Uno cards can be good choices. Although, Cranium is a fun generating game and it brings s lot of laughs to everyone.
  • Sizzling and delicious food- children should be endorsed to take part in cooking and whatever they cook is a matter of appreciation by all. You can prepare puddings, appetisers, and much more mouth-watering stuff.
  • Fun with music- what if the whole family sings along with Christmas carols? That is a great idea, Right? Even if someone wants to play a musical instrument and it will be more joyful if someone could even make songs with his own words.
  • Play sensible games too- when the time comes to exchange the gifts, put off the traditional exchange from the mind and start with the mastery questionnaire. When anyone answers to them, he is likely to be an opportunity to get the gift lying beneath the Christmas tree.
  • What is left, bound to share with needy- what games you arranged, what food you are left with and things that are of no more use, you can share them with those who are already denied of these things. With this, you can make their Christmas a boon.
  • Nature-friendly celebration- disallow your kids to use fireworks; instead, you can illuminate the whole house space with colourful lights and decorate the trees with their roots grounded in the soil.
  • Family photoshoot- it is the best time when everyone is dressed up with new clothes and you want to frame this moment. Do not forget to shoot the pictures with the props in hands.


Financial support to these moments

In the way of making sure this special occasion to remain in the mind of the members and remove the concerns about the pandemic situation, the financial stake can be a possible hurdle. Christmas loans are straightforward to access to deal with this situation.

  • You cannot afford to buy gifts or decorate your home.
  • Arrange food enough to feed the whole family.
  • You are incapable of arranging gifts and other giving for the charities.

You need to seek external help in the form of loan because it is not possible with small salaries and savings.

No matter if you are unemployed, you can still throw a Christmas party and make arrangements like I mentioned above a there is the provision of loan for unemployed to combat this ball game.


Christmas conceives the time when all family members look for spending time together. If someone from the family misses this chance, there is nothing left but contrition. However, now we can also purvey this by using modern gadgets that possible live glimpse of such beautiful moments.

Hence, you must ensure your pocket with the financial help from external sources and prepare a key to open the room of multiplied greetings.


Big pocket does not guarantee your happiness, but a big size of the family does bring this in the combo.