Is it safe to take blood pressure medications during night time?

Is it safe to take blood pressure medications during night time?

Blood pressure medications is one of the most common diseases affected by many individuals around the globe. Blood pressure is otherwise called as hypertension where the blood rushes through the arteries with too much force causing damage to the blood vessels. Increased blood pressure may bring damage to other organs as well. There are many different classes of blood pressure medications available such as alpha-blockers, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, ACE inhibitors, vasodilators, etc. Blood pressure is prescribed to the patients based on their medical needs, drug sensitivity, ethnicity, age, and body needs. Each of these medications may work differently, thus maintaining the blood pressure in the body.

Here, in this article, let’s go through a few details of blood
pressure medications, whether it is safe to take during the night hours, does
taking the pill at night keep you awake for long hours and a few self-care tips
to manage healthy blood pressure levels. Let’s gather more information about
this in this article. So, keep reading the post!

When should we take the blood pressure pill for a better result?

Our body has a set of time for taking the medications which can work
in a better way. Yes! According to the research where researchers while trying
to understand the role of taking the hypertension pills during the night time
found that taking the pills at night had better blood pressure control. Also,
taking blood pressure pills during the night time before hitting the bed may
decrease the risk of heart attacks and stroke. Well! It is good to take at
night than daytime but further research is needed.

Whatsoever the condition, try taking the pill same time every day. But
if you are prescribed with more than two blood pressure pills then ask your
doctor at what time of the day you need to take for maximum result. In most of
the individuals, blood pressure begins to rise before you wake up in the
morning, reaches its peak in the mid-afternoon, and stretches its lowest point
between midnight and before 4 am. So, this might be one of the reasons why
taking the medicine at night can help you manage the blood pressure throughout
the day.

In another way, the risk of heart attack happens most often during the
early morning time. Yes! This is one of the reasons why doctors recommend you
taking the blood pressure medication before bedtime to lower the risk of a
heart attack in the morning.

Never change your time taking the blood pressure medication on your
own without speaking to the doctor as there might be the reason why your
healthcare provider would have prescribed taking the medication during morning
hours. Also, in case of the age-old individuals, it might be good to take the
medicines during the morning time this is because the older adults when
standing up too quickly in the middle of the night might lead to a sudden drop
in the blood pressure and increases the risk of a fall as well. So, it is never
a good option for older people to take blood pressure pills at night.

Can the intake of blood pressure medication at night keeps you awake?

Yes! It can wake you up all night making you rush to the washroom
frequently. It all depends upon the type of blood pressure medication
prescribed to you. The most frequently prescribed blood pressure medication,
diuretics help to push out the extra salt and water from the kidney making you
go to the restroom more often. So, if you are experiencing a disturbed sleeping
issue, consult your doctor immediately as your doctor may prescribe the
mediation to take either morning time or might change the medication based on
your body needs. If medicines are prescribed, order the blood pressure
medications from the best online pharmacy store in India and avail amazing medicine discount on all the order you place.

The dosage can be tampered with the proper, well-balanced diet and by
following daily exercise. Yes! Both the food and activity play a key role in
managing the blood pressure in the body along with your medication. While
following the same try managing stress as well in a healthy way as stress is
one of the major factors for raising blood pressure. A good lifestyle practice
along with the diet and exercise is the key! So, speak to the doctor and get
his or her inputs about making lifestyle changes. But, make sure not to change
in the blood pressure medication without speaking to the doctor.

Can miss one day of the blood pressure dosage is an issue?

Taking medicine every day at the same time is the best. But, if you
forget the dosage take it immediately as soon as you remember. But, never take
a double dosage, making up for those missed dosages. If you have any doubts in
dosing, speak to the pharmacist and get your queries fixed. Also, if you have
the prescription with you, refill your medicine bottle now by ordering the
medicines from a trusted online
medicine site
and get
them delivered directly at your doorstep.

What are the few simple self-care tips you can follow to bring your blood
pressure down?

 Here are a few simple tips that
you can follow to lower blood pressure. Following the below-mentioned remedies
may help to lower your drug dosage safely and effectively. Check out what those
tips are now!

  • Regular
    exercise is vital! Go for a brisk walk or do the activities which you enjoy the
  • Be vigilant
    and watch for your waistline. Reducing your body weight and managing the right
    weight helps to lower the blood pressure.
  • Prefer
    eating a well-balanced and healthy diet. Try adding veggies, fruits, low-fat
    dairy products, whole grains, nuts, and seeds of your choice.
  • Boost your
    potassium intake as it helps to lessen the effects of sodium on blood pressure.
  • Reduce salt
    intake in your diet, as it helps to improve your heart health and reduce blood
    pressure. Remove all processed foods from your diet plan and replace them with
    healthy options.
  • Cut back on
    your caffeine intake
  • Limit
    yourself from drinking too much alcohol
  • Chronic
    stress may cause elevated blood pressure. So practice a few techniques like
    yoga, breathing exercises etc.
  • Monitor
    your blood pressure regularly and any variation in your levels should be
    reported to your doctor immediately. Sometimes your doctor may change the
    medications or treatment as well.

Well! Taking the blood pressure medication at night helps in reducing
the negative cardiovascular outcomes. But, if you are on the diuretic
medications it’s better to have during the morning hours as it may lead to poor
sleep due to frequent visit to the washroom.