How do Fulfillment Warehouses help In the Assembly of Products?

How do Fulfillment Warehouses help In the Assembly of Products?

When your business deals with complicated products that require assembly, like gift baskets, then the chances are you could profit from outsourcing your assembly and shipping work through fulfillment assembly warehouses.    


Companies Deal with Various Products 


Lots of companies deal with several products that normally need to be assembled before shipping. Perhaps your business offers gift baskets that can contain any of fifty individual items that need to be assembled before an order can be shipped. 


You may offer gifts, such as a bag containing small sample products, to entice customers to buy your products. Employing a fulfillment warehouse to assemble these kinds of orders (which are sometimes called “kitting”), is a good way to reduce your expenses and man-hours dramatically.


Fulfillment Assembly Warehouses Are experts in Assembly Work


Fulfillment assembly warehouses specialize in picking, packing, storing, and shipping items. Using a fulfillment assembly warehouse does not only help you save on space (from not needing your warehouses), it will also save you a great deal of time and expense. 


Outsourcing your kit packing assembly will free up workers for the jobs that truly can’t be outsourced, leaving them free to focus on the jobs which can’t be done by others. With fulfillment warehouses experience in fulfillment assembly, you ensure that your kits will be suitably assembled by a team of experts.


In the modern business world, it does not pay to commit full-time employees to perform tasks that can be easily outsourced. This is particularly true if you don’t have forty hours of work every single week for that person. In the case of projects like kitting, packaging, and shipping, it makes sense to employ the service of another company with specialist knowledge of that task.


Warehouse Kitting on an As-Needed Basis


The other benefit to using a fulfillment assembly warehouse is that you could have quite a lot of kits made up and ready for shipment without losing any time from your workers. 


If you have a particular set of products you anticipate shipping as a set-in large quantity, fulfillment warehouses will be able to prepackage these kits and get them completely set for shipment, thereby cutting down the time between when an order is placed and when it is fulfilled. 


Today’s customer is not known for his or her patience, and the sooner you can deliver the goods, the happier they will be. Happy customers are much more likely to buy from you again.


Outsource Your Assembly Work


If you operate a mail-order company that deals in large numbers of one particular product or a variety of different products, outsourcing your assembly work through a fulfillment assembly warehouse is usually a good idea as it will help increase your efficiency and allow you to dispatch the products as soon as the order is received. 


Don’t let your competitors embrace this new warehousing system before you do. Each day that you wait is another opportunity for other companies to get an advantage over you. Take steps today to begin streamlining your kitting procedure and contract a fulfillment center.


Logistics Solutions


Logistics solutions are a key component of any distribution or supply company. In most cases, an effective logistics strategy involves warehousing and inventory management, kitting and assembly, and interaction between the client and the distribution company. 


The latest technology for tracking and updates should also be included. Kitting and assembly are some of the core parts of such a system. Putting together a package in record time makes a distribution company stand out from its peers.


Kitting & Assembly


Kitting and assembly vary with each industry for which a package is created. In the case of packages for the military, the final product must meet or exceed mission requirements. The supplies for such a package should already be found in the warehouse, but putting together the correct components and right amounts will make a package meet or exceed mission requirements – or not. 


Through the same type of tactical example, the kitting and assembly of packages range from full clothing systems, such as GEN III ECWCS uniforms for the U.S. Army, to combat medical kits, including MOJO Kits, containing enough supplies for an individual to attend to his or her injuries.


Double Check & Inspection 


The final step for kitting and assembly is to double-check and inspect the package, especially if certain requirements and standards need to be met. Nevertheless, the source of any kitting and assembly endeavor is the warehouse and inventory management system. 


An effective warehouse not only keeps its inventory stocked but also has researched, procuring, managing, and distribution operations. Communication in this instance is also just as important. Without correspondence between the warehouse and the program managers or purchasing authorities of a client, the warehouse won’t have an accurate assessment for the supplies it needs to keep in stock.