6 ways Online University Learning is changing the future of education

6 ways Online University Learning is changing the future of education

The shape of the education sector has changed immensely from the past few months due to the rise of the coronavirus pandemic.  All educational institutions and universities have adopted online learning. This was only to let the education sector keep running in the beginning but the benefits of online learning were witnessed among teachers and students. They started realizing the importance of online education and the perks that come in handy with this form of learning.

Though distance education was a popular learning form, online education has gained a lot of popularity in recent months. But why so? Let’s take a look below:

What are the Benefits of Online Teaching for Teachers & Students?

  • Online teaching is the most flexible form of teaching and learning. Teachers can teach at their own timings and connect with students from all over the world. Whereas, students can learn at their own pace.
  • This form of education is beneficial for those who have other commitments.
  • Teachers can earn easy money by dedicating less time. Whereas, students have to pay less as compared to the traditional forms of education.
  • Both teachers and students get to know each other on a one-on-one level which leads to a fun and interactive online class.
  • With the availability of an online teaching platform, teachers can easily manage their courses, create educational content and connect with their students worldwide. On the other hand, it becomes extremely easy for students to connect with their teachers, access study materials and make the most from the platform.

With such benefits and great response to online education, online university learning is changing the future of education. Let’s dive into the different ways to look at these changes.

  • Blended Learning Approach – The concept of blended learning approach has been adopted by educational universities that show a positive response from both teachers and students. Blended learning, simply put, is the mixture of both online and offline learning.

Students can either attend online classes that include educators in a live environment or go for recorded classes. While doing this, they can have control over some aspects like place, timing and pace of learning.  This approach has gained much response because it includes both traditional and online forms of learning.

  • Connect & Collaborate – With the help of an online learning platform, it becomes feasible for both students and teachers to connect with each other. A majority of the educational universities use these platforms to let teachers connect with students.

There is a lot of scope for teachers to easily collaborate with their potential students. This platform contains learners from various parts of the world belonging to various educational backgrounds. On the other hand, students who wish to seek new courses or any other form of educational studies are able to connect with knowledgeable teachers.

  • Easy Access to Education – Technology has made the work much easier for an individual. Today, the majority of students have easy access to technology. Be it a smartphone/laptop/internet, with the use of such digital devices and the internet, students can easily access their course/educational content.

This gives them the freedom to gain valuable information without having to delay their course. Unlike in a traditional classroom where students have to wait for the teacher to start with the class to gain knowledge. However, in an online learning approach, students can take control by accessing the course contents as well as learning new concepts easily with the help of technology.

  • Customized Experience – In an online environment, teachers can tailor the educational content as per the need of the learner. This gives teachers the advantage to create various forms of educational content by making the use of online teaching software.

On the other hand, students can take the advantage of various educational content like e-books, videos, images, presentations to boost their learning. This customization is effective for students as it fits everyone’s needs and helps them understand their course better.

  • Cost-effective for All – Online education is a cost-effective option for both teachers and students. Teachers don’t have to spend money on traveling to the physical location as similar to a traditional classroom approach. They can earn handsome money by taking online lectures for a few hours at their own convenience.

Students have to pay less money in an online class as compared to a traditional classroom. They save up a lot on purchasing books and paying for various other educational activities held in the classroom.  The internet has a wide variety of content that one can learn from and also the online educator provides study materials to students that are included in a single course fee.

  • Engaging Learning & Teaching Approach – An online environment encourages students to participate more in the classroom. This is because teachers can interact with each student on a personal level and clear their queries. Not only this but teachers make use of many innovative and engaging educational content like quizzes, discussion groups, forums, etc that keep the student engaged.


it can be said that online learning and teaching are the future of education. Not only the ways which we mentioned above proves this but many Ed-Tech companies are popularly growing as students are shifting to online learning platforms. Also, according to many studies, it has come into notice that the eLearning market will take a major hit next year (2021). The number of individuals opting for online education will be 9.5 million by then. Hence, it can be surely said that online education will form a significant part of the education sector.

Author Bio.

The name of the author of this article is Deepshika Srivastav. She is passionate about teaching and providing value-based knowledge to the children. The interest of the author also lies in writing and reading. She writes various articles in the educational domain and loves to read various books which include science, fiction and motivational genre. She wants to motivate individuals via her teaching to do better in the educational field.